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History – Mons Calpe SC.



Birth of Mons Calpe SC

The Mons Calpe Sporting Club started during the 2013/14 season of the second division of Gibraltar in which, against all odds, it achieved the runner-up staying within a step of the historical direct ascent.

A second chance, for second place, on May 18, 2014, a promotion game was played, and even with the hope of achieving the promotion, they faced the Sait Joseph`s squad ending with an unfavorable score of 0 -2

Promotion to the first division

Fate seemed to betray the “Calpeans” again and during their participation in the following 2014/15 tournament, they get the second place in the standings with 53 points, only 3 less than the Europa point.

The Play Off of promotion was played on May 31, defeating Britania XI by score of 2-1 in that match Mons Calpe SC won by 2 to 1 …

Mons Calpe SC had ascended to the Premier League.

Purchase of the equipment by RSG

For the 2016/17 season the team is sold to José Alfredo Reygadas, a Mexican investor with the aim of not only winning the league but also participating in European tournaments.

The club faced the circumstances of a newly promoted team, in which a great effort was required for the realization of an infrastructure of the first division, this is in the administrative as the sport, the mentality was … “We will not descend under any circumstance “…

Of course the requirement was much greater, the regulation indicates that at least three local players must be included in each call for each of the matches and during the entire duration of the match.

The illusion grew, the hiring was part of the engineering of a competitive team with experienced players in the first division of different countries.

No kind of advantage could be granted, the road was difficult and only for those who wanted to conquer the league, so the first important step of Mons Calpe SC to face the tournament was a historic event, Pre-season in Portugal, having a match vs Boa Vista was very competitive, that was the first impression of what was expected in the league, an encounter that forced the Lusa squad to apply to the maximum of its potential to defeat us.

League tournament

The start of the tournament was promising, achieving victories and demonstrating to the rest of the teams that Mons Calpe SC would not be “a team more” than with quality and professionalism would compete at the highest level

A good tournament in general, some details caused the club to qualify in the 5th position at the end of the tournament, although it is true that the inexperience at this level prevented a better place in the classification, the GFA and the teams. of the first division they realized that Mons Calpe would not be a squad to descend, neither in this nor in any season.

For the 2017/18 tournament the club had more experience and was better prepared, but this did not prevent the continuation of the winning philosophy of the board and they wanted more than they had in the previous tournament, so they planned an even better pre-season than the one from the previous year.

Now the destination was, Barcelona, ​​three weeks of concentration in the “Academia Marzet”, there was no time to relax, the strengthening in the club was according to the internal philosophy, “being a winning club at any cost”.

The commitment of the players could perceive at a distance, very difficult days of training, a great physical exertion was part of the preparation, with care and specialized feeding, the rest hours were just for a professional player, but the mental training , overcoming critical situations, they also played their part.

On August 29 the return trip was undertaken, however, the fatigue in the face of the members of the team was not appreciated, also the group union, the camaraderie, was remarkable, but the final stage of the preseason was still missing. It would take place in our training camp.

Once again, the board of directors dedicated itself to hiring players of great capacity and football quality, hopes grew and the start of the tournament was anxiously awaited.

Fate put Mons Calpe SC to the test, injuries and illnesses, external situations affected the preparation that had been done, it seems that the team is destined to strengthen itself of situations that negatively affect the environment.

Mons Calpe is a club with great team philosophy and personality and with the determination to make history both nationally and internationally, and for the 2107/18 tournament had important clashes against very high level teams such as, Tianjin Teda Football Club of the Chinese Super League that at the moment occupies the 2nd place of the classification. In addition to facing the leader of the competition and practically promoted to the Premier League, the Wollverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

Cup tournament

The Rock Cup tournament is one more way to reach the Europa League and at this moment it is located in the semifinal of the competition.AcademiaMons Calpe SC has an academy in which 5 categories participate for boys and girls from 5 to 11 years of age, and the project for 2018/19 is to increase two more categories, the children and young people of Gibraltar see Mons Calpe as a real option to develop as professional football players.


The Futsal is a highly competitive sport with the possibility of participating in international tournaments like the Futsal Champios league itself, and it is a sport practiced by many in Gibraltar, so Mons Calpe SC took on the task of extending the project and create a high competition squad for this league.


Mons Calpe SC is a “Sporting Club” so the growth and breadth of sports variants are a priority to give all young people of Gibraltar different opportunities to develop their talent, and in the competition of “Darts” is no exception, so much so that in this year Mons Calpe was proclaimed champion of the first division of the specialty.